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Real Brides Real Weddings, Not every wedding is the same and sometimes a Flower straight off the shelf is not suitable. Here are some examples of real weddings which we have supplied the flowers; If you have an odd request, please let us know.

If you have pictures from your wedding showing our Amazon Flowers designs please email them to  info@amazonflowers.us  and we will send you a gift certificate.

Emma & Stephen - Wedding January 2012  1/19/2012  by  Emma & Stephen
Sparks flew on a boozy night out in Leeds when Emma and Stephen were introduced by a mutual friend during their university fresher’s week.
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Ethan & Carol - Wedding February 2012  3/17/2012  by  Ethan & Carol
Ethan and I met the first week of medical school and started dating several months later. We made it through four years of medical school, a cross country move to start residency programs and three years of training before we finally got married! (6.
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Glen & Cathi Durrell - Wedding December 2011  12/31/2011  by  Glen & Cathi
The suggested mode of travel was a 44. Raindrops still sparkled in the trees, and the air was filled with the freshness that comes only after a light shower in the forest. Mind you, it also meant the odd mud puddle along the wooded trail.
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Ingrid and Wayne - Wedding March 2012  3/28/2012  by  Ingrid and Wayne
Ingrid and Wayne are high school … well, friends. They actually didn’t start dating until later in their college careers. Let’s face it, it’s scary to enter in a dating relationship with someone you have such a valuable friendship with!
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Marc and Diana - Wedding April 2012  4/9/2012  by  Marc and Diana
By some miracle, the eye of the storm fell exactly over us, and not a single drop of rain fell until midnight. Our friends are still talking about the vision of my veil flying behind me down the aisle. The wind kept everyone cool while dancing the ni
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